It’s a monday

I’ve been on a leave of absence from work and that means I’ve been working on a lot of interpersonal things for over a month now. One of them being what else can I be doing with this space. What kind of content do I want to keep publishing? What am I really passionate about? So it’s been a slow road to discovering those answers. But I do still love to travel and have fun. I just want to figure out a better way to share it all.

F*CKING Jet lag

My return flight home was horrible. Everything started ok, on time and extremely early Saturday morning Oct 8th. Flying out from Athens at 7am local time and flying into London 10am. But then things started to get worse when my flight to the US (Dallas) got delayed 4 hours. Making my total wait time in London an even 8 hours. I was ok so far since it was during the day, I had time to eat, watch a movie, eat again and read a book.

Finally got to board and all was good until we landed in Dallas. Missed my connecting flight because of the delay and ended up spending the night in a hotel (courtesy of Amerian Airlines) but I was still a hot mess. Thinking a night would do me good anyway; plus I would get to shower. Next morning my flight back to OC was leaving at 9am. Nothing went wrong, thank goodness. Arrived home at 11:45am local time and that’s when it hit me. Total zombie mode.

My plan was solid, though, keep awake until late and then sleep. So visited the family, ate, then got home, unpacked, cleaned up and showered and sleep. It took me 5 days to get back to my normal sleeping schedule. It wasn’t easy. This was the hardest jet lag I have ever had to overcome.


Picking up where I left off

Seeing that I was doing a poor job of organizing my thoughts into one area, I decided to erase the contents of this site a while ago. Because instagram, twitter and snapchat pretty much took over my life.

Problem with those is that it’s hard to filter, keep organize and share. So I’m back at it again but this time I’m gearing up for a 2 week vacation to Spain and Greece.

Lots of memories to be made and shared are coming soon.

Stay tuned!