Dance the night away

HAVE to share this night with you all. We decided on just staying up all night in Barcelona until we had to catch our 7am flight to Athens the next morning. So we had a super late dinner (around 11pm) then met up some new friends around 1am for some beers. It wasn’t until about 2am when we decided to go dancing at this super club near the center of Barcelona called ULTRAPOP.

It was large, bright, gay and full of AMAZING music and hot looking men. First, I fell in love with the DJ for playing such GREAT music and also for his enthusiasm and fabulousness. He was flamboyant, hairy and loveable. Super nice as well. Very happy I got a photo taken with him. His name is “Pupur” and he is beyond amazing. Just check out his moves.

YES, that is a fan on the floor. It was genius, it was perfection. The remaining acts were just as spectacular. With an amazing drag performance by “La Prohibida” who sings with her actual voice and is evidently really famous in Spain. Followed by the dynamic DJ duo “Las Juanettes” who are essentially bears with really good makeup and wear leopard print one piece bathing suits.

Barcelona friends at the club
Barcelona friends at the club
With the fabulous DJ Purpur
Aspiring DJ duo