Little Tokyo Nights

I’m sad to say that I can’t really remember the first time I discovered the Little Tokyo district of downtown Los Angeles. It’s all mixed up with the other earlier times I went to explore the area. Having been a HUGE anime nerd (still am today, lets just face it) I was drawn here because of my love with Japan, the language and culture as well. My brother and I I think came here first on our own. He also was a huge anime nerd like myself. We had so much fun walking through the little alley ways. Pretending we really were in Tokyo. It wasn’t soon after that my brother and I actually made our way to the real Japan. Albeit, a few years later.

I found a new appreciation for this little area. Since it was my first touch of Japanese culture, food and actual stores that sold anime and manga. So here’s a little gallery of how the area looks like today.


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