Blizzcon 2016


With Blizzard’s launch of their newest game, Overwatch, earlier this year, I instantly became a BIGGER fan of Blizzard. With one of my best friends now working for Blizzard, I was able to replicate my project I did last year with them but made it bigger, better and a bit more stressful. However, the rewards totally made it worth it. This year, Blizzard announced a new hero to their Overwatch playable character line up. Once I found who and what she does, I became a bigger fanboy of the game. This announcement was just the cherry on top of a crazy busy week of hard work and determination. Before I get into more details about that, I want to leave some photographic memories of the best and enjoyable moments I had during the event. Also, I finally got to take my sister since she is also a huge Blizzard/Overwatch fan  🙂

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