Brazil Recap

vilamadalena_panorama1 vilamadalena_panorama2

Brazil is so big that each time I go a get to see something new that I didn’t catch the previous times I went. I was happy to return to Vila Madalena, the art district of Sao Paulo. To my surprise, a lot has changed, visually. All the murals have been updated and the street is now pedestrian only, so no cars can go through it. We got to visit the municipal market, had some yummy mortadella sandwiches, pastries filled with bacalao, saw the tiniest food trucks outside a night club and visually attacked by awesome street art.

On the flight back, got to catch some beautiful shots of the clouds as we were crossing the US border over California. Entering a storm that was happening in the LA area also. I could’ve done without the intense lightening strikes we saw right before landing… I almost lost my breakfast.


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